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Full Behavioural

from £375
An exhaustive behavioural and psychological evaluation because sometimes, good will is not enough and a full assessment becomes necessary, to understand the root cause of the issues and decide on a course of action.

Typically it is needed when a dog is behaving erratically and/or unpredictably. In this case we need to carefully evaluate the dog. A full assessment lasts between 3 and 6 hours, is comprised of two parts:

.- First we will go through a check-list of just over 100 bullet-points and score the dog on each trigger to obtain solid first-hand impressions.
.- Second we will score the dog on another 100 points, the results of which will be incorporated in a world-wide database and return an objective statistical evaluation.

Following this we will compare the results of both methods and draw conclusions.

We will then put them into context and make a series of detailed proposals and/or notes and/or a training program, and present them to you as an official printed report during a 'debrief' session. Ultimately, what action you want (or not) to take remains your choice but at this point, you will be given a fully articulated Behavioural Modification Plan.

The debrief session, printed report and assessment itself are all included in the initial fee and the hole process runs over 10 to 20 days; your involvement might be required.

In some cases extra charges may apply (several dogs ; exceptional distance ; specific bite risk...) but this will be clearly indicated, if applicable, during the initial free consultation.

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