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For Puppies under 6 months old, the Socialization Workshops are up and running! They are individual* short sessions (about an hour) where your puppy will be introduced to 1 to 3 adult dogs at a time, dogs who were carefully selected as a “role models”, and where you will be given a crash course on Puppy Education, which hopefully means you will never need us in the future!

The Workshops take place outdoors*, amongst other dogs – in real life situations, where it counts, rather than in artificial settings. You will learn the basics of “proper” socialization and your puppy will learn the “proper” way to interact with other dogs.

It's no secret that we are not fan of “puppy classes”. The major flaw of these being that they rely on the hope that puppies will teach puppies good doggy manners, which to us make absolutely zero sense. However, having the owner, with one puppy, amongst a few exceptional dogs, under guidance, is the best possible way to kick-start the social life of your puppy.

* The workshop will take place in Kinson, Southbourne, Upton, Wimborne. Exact times are to be defined with you but for logistical reasons can only take place on Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays.

* individual : there is actually the possibility to have several “spots” at the same time, but the number of spots is limited to 1 puppy per adult dog available – which in the COVID world, right now, means 2 spots per session. Therefore, at the maximum, that would be you, your puppy, someone else, her/his puppy, 2 or more adult dogs, and Frenchy – plus of course, all the other dogs in the world who happen to be there!

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