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Meet FurN'Fun!

We are Victoria - aka Vic - and Arnaud - aka Frenchy.

We are the authors of the best-seller 'Dogs Do What Works', a manual for dog professionals willing to learn Behavioural Modification, the creators of the HEART initiative that campains for a more ethical industry and for the promotion of humane training that takes into account the emotional welfare of the dogs; we are also the founders of the AFCBC, the Association of Force-Free Canine Behaviour Consultants, which evaluates all dogs professionals in the UK, and members of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes 'Force-Free Methods, Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics'. We are also active members of the IFDT (Initiative for Force Free Training)

We were what is now called Behaviourists long before it was even a thing, and we have been promoting science-based, force-free, pain-free and fear-free training long before it was trending - the late 1980's! Between us we have almost half a century of Canine Behaviour experience and we have worked with close to 10000 dogs. Along the years we have qualified in behavioural science, biology, canine first aid, teaching and training, canine training, canine behaviour modification, psychology and others... We have been constantly on a study scheme of some sort for the past three decades: for instance, currently Frenchy is studying the neuroscience of pathological aggression.

We both were born animal lovers, so on top of making a living of helping dogs, most of our free time is spent caring for our pets - all sorts of pets!. We share the same philosophy that animals should not be treated as tiny human-like creatures but according to their own nature.

Now in our 40's, we have a life-long experience of living with, training and rehabilitating all kind of animals.

Cordelia the Boa is much, much stronger than me and really could hurt me severely. However because I treat her as a snake and not as a poodle, she enjoys her time chilling outside the vivarium and is puppy-tame, despite her 9.5ft (just under 3m) and 19kg (3 stones).

Advanced study, deep understanding and humane respect of the fundamental needs of animals supported by a life-time of experience allow us to happily enjoy the company of what has become over time a pretty wide variety of rather numerous pets. In fact there are over 30 animals and about 10 species currently living at home.

Most are rescues, a few were born here, but all, even the most skittish ones, have come to understand that home is a safe, pet-friendly place. Not sure that Cinnamon the African Pygmea Hedgehog is so keen on human kisses though, but she does not look fazed.

There are over 30 animals belonging to over 10 species currently living at home and of course, it takes some skills to have all this furry and scaly crowd living together in harmony.

This diversity has given us a unique perspective and a solid, educated grasp of the 'big picture', as well as extensive canine behaviour knowledge; yet we are still researching, studying and enrolling in self-training on a daily basis.

The favourite game of Mocha the staffie was to chase wild rabbits - not that he ever came anywhere close to catching one and he probably would not know what to do if he ever did!- but his innate prey-drive towards small wild-life was exceptionally intense. However after an adequate Behavioural Modification Plan (without any aversive training, no shock collar and without even ever telling him off) and after proper introduction supported by science-based methods, he goes along just fine with Rafa the lionhead rabbit. That is the beauty of science and reward-based training.

If there is an animal in the area, whatever it is, we are drawn to it, and for some reason we can establish a relationship within instants. Some people have a gift for music or mechanics, we are animal people. This is what we do, what we love, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

On a sunny day, even the unremarkable city pigeon can become a friend for a moment and put a smile on your face. Granted, people did frown at us but between a stranger frowning at us and an animal greeting us, what do you think counts most?

We are participating in activities with virtually any pet, from dogs to spiders - or like here, birds of prey. All animals can be trained to some extent - usually much more than their owners realise, and as we have seen over and and over again, all animals can be trained without force, pain or fear.

If a bird, with an innate instinct to fly away and search for a kill, genetically designed for extreme prey-drive, can be trained reliably for recall and leaving wild life alone - using only treats! - it will be very difficult to convince us that any dog needs a prong or a shock collar...

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